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Nationally known for inspiring others, Brad helps you feel and look your very best.  He is a fitness professional specializing in suspension training and is a certified personal trainer, accredited TRX suspension trainer, and a functional movement specialist. He has over 15 years inspiring others to make their body your machine. What does this mean? He has a diverse fitness and nutrition background. He is an artist in a way. Creating workouts pulling the best movements from proven training methods including Yoga, Pilates, functional training, suspension training, fight training, and sport specific training just to name a few. He is a stickler for performing movements properly and breathing correctly. He will make you better and fix your body. He has a 600 sq ft performance training studio on Franklin Park. When you train with Brad be ready for TRX Intervals combined with ground based functional movement drills and various sports training tools such as the Agility Ladder or the TRX Rip Trainer. We also introduce other training tools that challenge stability and core strength such as the BOSU, the Stability Ball, and Lemmond spinning bikes, along with additional Weights like kettlebells, heavy Balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, a speed bag, and tear drop heavy bag. Get ready for the hardest most fun workouts you’ve ever experienced. Every class is something different…Get Your Game On! Train like a world class athlete.

 Brad’s greatest passion is stand up paddle boarding. In fact, while living in Annapolis this past summer, he was given the nickname Paddle Brad. When the ice leaves the harbor you will see him on the water nearly every day preparing for a paddle board race, practicing paddle board yoga, or teaching others the amazing activity that is stand up paddle boarding. Brad is an ASI accredited SUP (stand up paddleboard) instructor having learned the sport of paddle boarding while living in Islamorada, an island in the Florida Keys. He is a life guard and a red cross certified first responder as well. Brad recently gained sponsorship from Red Paddle Board Company because of his passion for teaching, expert knowledge of SUP, winning SUP races on the east coast and Chesapeake Bay last summer, but mostly for his passion for paddle boarding. Paddle with Brad this summer. Experience another perspective. Learn from an experienced, passionate, dedicated professional. Find out why paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Brad will offer stand up paddle board lessons, SUP tours, yoga, sunset  SUP tours, night SUP tours with led lights, kids camps, SUP fitness classes, SUP rentals, SUP sales, and an amazing vibe all summer long.

Paddleboarding Reviews while paddling in the Florida Keys
“First Time SUPaddling, Brad was great” Reviewed May 11, 2014
This was our first time trying Stand Up Paddle boarding and had a lot of fun thanks to Brad, he is not only competent and experienced, he is extremely patient and will make sure you have a good time by putting you at ease, regardless of how clumsy you might think you are! Our two teenage boys had a great time, we will definitely be back!

“Great Place to Paddle and Learn”
Reviewed May 5, 2014
Our guide was Brad - he was very experienced and very knowledgeable and just a breath of fresh air. We are experienced paddleboarders - on the rivers in the west. Brad loves what he does and it shows. Great guide, great paddler and just fun all around. Although we are experienced and strong paddlers we still learned A LOT from Brad. I think I would prefer the sunset or moonlight paddle over the Eco Tour that we did but it was all wonderful and a great experience.

“Amazing first time experience!”
Reviewed April 23, 2014
My parents and I rented from Paddle and the experience was absolutely great. The owner of the place, Brad, was very welcoming and thorough. He explained to us where to go and what to see, gave us a map and even helped us out with a dry storage bag. I always wanted to try SUPing so I rented out a paddle boat while my parents opted out for a tandem kayak. The water around and creatures living in it are absolutely beautiful. We saw sting rays, various colorful fish, a few barracudas and a manatee! A huge "mama" manatee and a "baby" manatee swimming under your board is definitely worth it. I would highly recommend doing SUPing instead of kayaking if you have the balance to, you see much more wild life. Paddling with Paddle! was definitely the highlight of my trip to the Keys.

“Great experience paddling through the mangroves!”
Reviewed April 6, 2014
My sons and I had originally planned to kayak, but Brad convinced us to use the paddle boards. We are glad we did as we were able to navigate areas that we would not have been able to access with kayaks. The tour was fun and Brad gave us many helpful tips to enable us to become better paddle board users. Thank you Brad for your patience and great suggestions!

“Brads Pads”
Reviewed April 5, 2014
What a great day! The equipment was A+ and so was Brad. He explained a lot to us and before I knew we left with 2 paddles. I have just begun paddling and decided to wait on buying my own board so I know exactly what I want. In the meantime I bought a great paddle to make all my experiences awesome. Thanks Brad.

“Great paddleshop”
Reviewed April 5, 2014
Great shop to rent or buy paddle board equipment. Brad was phenomenal in setting us up and fitting us with new paddles. A beautiful area to paddle.

“Knowledgeable and friendly guides”
Reviewed March 30, 2014
We have been wanting to try paddle boarding for awhile now and we couldn't be happier with our decision to go with PADDLE! the Florida Keys. We weren't originally going to go with a guide, but since it was our first experience, it seemed like a good idea. We went out with Brad and he was great. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and definitely made our first paddle boarding experience memorable. All the equipment you need is provided, but as this activity is quite a workout, it would be a good idea to bring water. Brad took plenty of pictures for us and is very willing to share through email. My husband and I are thinking about someday investing in our own paddle boards. When that time comes, we'll be back here because the staff really knows what they're talking about.

“New tricks?”
Reviewed March 22, 2014
Our first time paddle boarding, Brad ( instructor ) made it a great experience. Knowledgable and friendly, he had us paddling like pros in an hour. Fun tour of the bay and river-we highly recommend it! Breakfast at nearby Made to Order was a perfect way to start our day.
You can teach old dogs new tricks!

“Florida Keys Highlight”
Reviewed March 19, 2014
Visiting PADDLE! and paddle boarding through the mangroves is a 'must do' when in the Florida Keys! You will not be disappointed. It was definitely the highlight of our trip. The staff was super friendly and knowledgable. My friend and I had experience paddling before but opted to go out with a guide. I'm so happy we did and am convinced Brad made our experience 100 times better. We were on a mission to see manatees, dolphins, sting rays (...and unicorns!) – wanting the full Florida Keys wildlife experience and he knew all the best places to go and shared helpful paddling techniques & tips along the way. He took us through the narrow mangroves that opened up into a beautiful lagoon, it was stunning and so peaceful (nothing like it in Michigan!). Nice to get away from the boat traffic on the main channel.

“First Time”
Reviewed March 15, 2014
This was my first time paddle boarding and I was nervous. My husband and daughter are very athletic and I am not. I was worried that I would embarrass them by not being able to do this or keep up with them. Brad, one of the staff, made me feel so confident. He told me he could tell by the way I walked and stood that I would have no problem succeeding. He knew exactly what to say to make me feel relaxed and I made my family proud. I recommend Paddle! the Florida Keys to all that want to have fun no matter what their level of experience is. I brought a great memory home with me to New Hampshire.

“The highlight of our trip to The Keys”
Reviewed March 7, 2014
Traveling to the Florida Keys from Michigan, with family (ages 50, 33, 17), we all wanted to try paddle boarding for the first time. Stopped in the shop to inquire and reserved for the following day. We opted for the night paddle which was one of the coolest experiences. Brad was a perfect guide (thanks Brad!). He was engaged, informative, encouraging and fun! We were all up and paddling within a short distance. Enjoyed the calm of the sunset, the mangroves and even encountered manatees, nurse sharks and stingrays swimming under our boards on the return. Would strongly recommend PADDLE! and the night paddle but remember to wear repellant to keep the no see ums from bitting. Looking forward to buying boards and continuing the adventure in MI.

“Great fun”
Reviewed February 16, 2014 via mobile
We had some athletic type and also not athletic. Male, female, young and older. 18 to 68 years range. Each had a blast and accomplished balance, fun and a new interest. The start was a little bit scarey but got a lot easier with the instructor Brad and this happened within 20 minutes. Really a great time. Super glad we went. You must try this if you can get here.

Personal Training Reviews from Harbor Springs
"Yesterday I had an appointment at Harbor Body Shop, with Brad. His enthusiasm, passion, and overall excitement for fitness, had me feeling the exact same way. Before yesterday, I had no idea where to start when it came to living a healthier life. Brad showed me the way, and is still doing so. Instead of going right into lifting, doing push ups, and all the 'normal' things I thought I would be doing, Brad explained that this is not the proper way to go about it. He explained that conditioning your body first, warming up for what's to come at a later date would prevent my body from injury and too much strain. Instead, today I feel great. I don't feel like someone beat me up, ha like I always have before. He took him time with explaining and showing me stretches and exercises. After, he talked to me about my eating habits. After my embarrassing list, he suggested some healthier alternatives. Overall, I am super excited about what's to come. I'm ready to learn and become healthier. Thank you Brad!" - Alexandra Olivia

"I've trained with Brad once and can't wait to go back! He is so passionate about what he does and you wont have a hard time seeing why! Harbor Body Shop is a great first step for ANYONE looking to make a positive, healthy change to their life. No matter what age or physical condition you are in, Brad will build a training program that specifically fits your needs. The training is fun, unique (not physically straining like when you think of your average work out) and 100% effective." - Taylor Randazzo
Paddle Board Reviews from Annapolis
"My boyfriend and I took a lesson from Brad - it was the first paddle boarding experience for both of us. It was great all around. Brad was professional and laid back, which helped make me feel comfortable my first time out. He taught us the basics, starting with getting on the board and paddling technique and then adapted to what we wanted to learn. He was very good at watching then giving tips to improve ("oh it's so much easier when I do that!"). Had a blast and learned a lot!" - Caitlin Kohli

"I had an awesome time paddle boarding with Brad. He is an excellent teacher/trainer and gave really clear feedback on ways to improve my technique. He taught me all sorts of tricks and how to go fast (2 of my favorite things)! See you again soon:)" - Kristen Stoll

"What a great time! Good workout and beautiful scenery! Brad was very patient and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend this to everyone! - Rhoda Gambler

"Best date night my husband and I have had in a long time was learning to paddle with Brad! He was able to pick up our different learning styles within minutes on the water and was so patient and consistent with us throughout the entire lesson! I didn't even fall which was a huge fear I had going in. Paddling will for sure become one of our new hobbies thanks to Brad!!!! 5 stars all the way!" - Therese Rohlfing Daniels

"Brad is awesome I learned how to position my hands, sit and stand, balance my body, turn to left & right, do some yoga, take a selfie and pivot in less than an hour!!! He said I'm one hell of a fast learner!" - Roma Johnson

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