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Stand Up Paddle Board Tours, Harbor Body Shop, Harbor Springs MI

"Best date night my husband and I have had in a long time was learning to paddle with Brad! He was able to pick up our different learning styles within minutes on the water and was so patient and consistent with us throughout the entire lesson! I didn't even fall which was a huge fear I had going in. Paddling will for sure become one of our new hobbies thanks to Brad!!!! 5 stars all the way!" -Therese Rohlfing Daniels
"This was my first time paddle boarding and I was nervous. My husband and daughter are very athletic and I am not. I was worried that I would embarrass them by not being able to do this or keep up with them. Brad, one of the staff, made me feel so confident. He told me he could tell by the way I walked and stood that I would have no problem succeeding. He knew exactly what to say to make me feel relaxed and I made my family proud. I recommend paddle boarding with Brad to all that want to have fun no matter what their level of experience is. I brought a great memory home with me to New Hampshire." -Brooke Cardanelli
"Our guide was Brad - he was very experienced and very knowledgeable and just a breath of fresh air. We are experienced paddleboarders - on the rivers in the west. Brad loves what he does and it shows. Great guide, great paddler and just fun all around. Although we are experienced and strong paddlers we still learned A LOT from Brad."
Harbor Springs Paddle Board Club is located in historic Harbor Springs, MI specializes in stand up paddle board tours. Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Paddle boarding is an amazing water activity that brings people together to enjoy water, nature, yachts, sailboats, sunsets, and historic sites. Paddle boarding is also a fantastic way to sneak some fitness in while having a blast with friends and family. Paddle board tours offer a unique perspective and we encourage you and your family to see what makes our paddle board club different. Sunset tours are quickly becoming the tour of choice. Below are a few reasons that make our paddle board tours different.

Great Location, protected clear calm water
ASI Accredited Guide
Access to Flat Water and Open Water
Better Paddle Boards
More Time on the Water

Great Location.  Harbor Springs MI, need I say more.

ASI Accredited Guide. First time stand up paddle boarding? Maybe you are a little nervous? No worries. ASI is the leading school for stand up paddle board instructor accreditation Our ASI accredited guide, Paddle Brad, teaches paddle boarding, races paddle boards, sells paddle boards, and is all about paddle boarding. He has recently moved from Islamorada in the beautiful Florida Keys to spread the sport of paddle boarding. More people learn to paddle with Brad. He has taught hundreds of people to paddle board. People of all fitness levels from the age of 7 to 91. His background in fitness training and countless hours on the water paddling has helped him become a top notch instructor. And he is easy going and fun to be around as well. Read about him on our facebook page and trip advisor. You will feel comfortable on your paddle board. Guaranteed.

Access to Flat Water Learn proper technique and become comfortable on your paddle board without the hassle of heavy boat traffic. Enjoy protection from the wind as well. Harbor Springs is a great place to paddle, learn to paddle, and see beautiful water life on display.

Better Paddle Boards. Paddle board tours with Harbor Body Shop include premium paddle boards and top notch paddles. Just like every other water sport and/or activity equipment quality is paramount. True, it is all about your technique and having said that, much more fun and more comfortable learning to paddle with better equipment. You don’t want to paddle a board that moves like a floating dock while holding a paddle that weighs like a fence post. Trust us. In addition, you are paddling the future of paddle boards. It’s like test driving the nicest newest vehicles with expert guidance and industry insight.

More Time on the Water. Harbor Springs Paddle Board Club is the only stand up paddle board Tour Company that offers a 2 hour tour. Learn how to paddle from a professional while paddle boarding on premium boards AND paddle longer. 2 hours is just the right amount of time to meet and greet, learn how to paddle board properly, and take in the sights and natural beauty Harbor Springs, MI offers.
·         2 hour paddle board tour costs $75 for each person.
Call to Book Your Tour! All tours are by appointment only. Group rates are available. Please call ahead and book your paddle board tour. 231.622.9084

Location: We launch from Zoll Park in Harbor Springs. Call Ahead.
Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am - 11pm. SUP Rentals on the water. Sunset & Night Tours.
Contact Us: (231) 622 - 9084
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