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Nationally known for inspiring others, Brad helps you feel and look your very best. He now calls Harbor Springs home having spent the past several years training in Annapolis and paddle boarding in the Florida Keys. He is a TRX Certified Suspension Trainer, Certified American Red Cross Lifeguard, ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist, and a professional SUP racer. He has over 15 years inspiring others to make your body your machine. What does this mean? He has a diverse fitness and nutrition background. He is an artist in a way. Creating workouts pulling the best movements from proven training methods including Yoga, Pilates, functional training, suspension training, fight training, and sport specific training just to name a few. He is a stickler for performing movements properly and breathing correctly. He will make you better and fix your body. His greatest passion is stand up paddle boarding. In fact, while living in Annapolis he was given the nickname Paddle Brad. When the ice leaves you will see him on the water nearly every day preparing for a paddle board race, practicing paddle board yoga, or teaching others the amazing activity that is stand up paddle boarding. You will have an amazing experience with Brad!

Client Reviews

Alexandra Olivia — 5 star

Yesterday I had an appointment at Harbor Body Shop, with Brad. His enthusiasm, passion, and overall excitement for fitness, had me feeling the exact same way. Before yesterday, I had no idea where to start when it came to living a healthier life. Brad showed me the way, and is still doing so. Instead of going right into lifting, doing push ups, and all the 'normal' things I thought I would be doing, Brad explained that this is not the proper way to go about it. He explained that conditioning your body first, warming up for what's to come at a later date would prevent my body from injury and too much strain. Instead, today I feel great. I don't feel like someone beat me up, ha like I always have before. He took him time with explaining and showing me stretches and exercises. After, he talked to me about my eating habits. After my embarrassing list, he suggested some healthier alternatives. Overall, I am super excited about what's to come. I'm ready to learn and become healthier. Thank you Brad!
February 24, 2015


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