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Harbor Body Shop is a family of like minded, committed, dedicated professionals offering unwavering positive attitudes and proven perspective that transform the body, mind, & spirits of our practicing members.

Harbor Body Shop is more than just personal training and paddle boarding. Harbor Body Shop is a lifestyle. We are a lifestyle without physical, mental, and emotional limits unleashing the body’s potential. How do we achieve the before mentioned?  We try everyday to practice honoring our bodies with respect and gratitude. We choose to fuel our lifestyle with best nutrition. We practice functional movements while breathing correctly consciously refining the mind body connection required to perform everything better. Better movement means better function means a better life. We offer a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your maximum potential. Think of your maximum potential as a pie. The recipe includes ingredients including and not limited to nutrition, functional movements, flexibility, and activity. (Stand up paddle boarding is an activity) Obviously we are passionate about paddle boarding. Hope you get that vibe J Running is an activity, mountain biking is an activity; golf is an activity, hiking is an activity, for example. To be clear, work with our team and put your trust in us and you will live better.

No one person will ever be your answer to reaching your maximum potential lifestyle. It takes a board of directors of your health and wellness to keep you making gains. Yes this is a business metaphor and the honest proven way to get results and progress.

Harbor Body Shop is your board of directors, in other words a team or family. Comprising passionate individuals who have a specific and essential skill set. Examples include yoga instructors, nutrition experts, paddle board instructors, and culinary experts.

Our team is made of extremely devoted souls and masters of their craft who absolutely love helping clients and members attain extraordinary results. Meet our team. They all bring something very valuable to the table. Be about that life, about your best life. We are all excited to help!

Remember, we practice every day. Simply be present and practice every day. “It’s just practice” – Allen Iverson. Similar to college and academia, showing up to class earns you at least a B. We all face choices every day. Join our family join our team and lets all try to make better choices. Re-define yourself. I look forward to meeting you and inspiring you.

A special thanks to the founding members of Harbor Body Shop. You inspire me and will inspire others. Thank you very much Norm Van Wormer, Christine Van Wormer, and Shannon. Thank you for leading by example and practicing every day. Without you Harbor Body Shop is just a dream. With you it is a reality. You are the original members. You are my family. You are my reason why. I have infinite love and gratitude for each of you.


Brad Algar

Founder of Harbor Body Shop

Location: We launch from Zoll Park in Harbor Springs. Call Ahead.
Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am - 11pm. SUP Rentals on the water. Sunset & Night Tours.
Contact Us: (231) 622 - 9084
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