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Learn How to Stand Up Paddle Board in the Harbor Springs Community Pool

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$25 drop in rate, or purchase 3 pool lessons for $60
Starting this fall
Plan on about an hour and fifteen minutes. You can come as early as you like to get ready.
What to expect
There are no expectations. We are going to have fun and learn how to stand up paddle board. Anyone and everyone can paddle board. The pool provides a comfortable environment to learn the basics before going out on the open water. Which, by the way, is absolutely stunning. You will fall more in love with Harbor Springs when you paddle out and look back. 
Fun for all ages and abilities! The Harbor Springs Community pool now offers stand up paddle board lessons! That’s right; learn how to stand up paddle board in the community pool from a professional ASI accredited SUP instructor. Harbor Springs Paddle Board Club and the community pool are working together to offer you an amazing paddle board experience. Harbor Springs offers all of us the most beautiful waters to paddle on. Unfortunately it is cold and intimidating water as well. Learning to paddle board from a professional in the comfortable environment the community pool is a great way to give you the skills and peace of mind to go out and explore all of the pristine water that surrounds us. Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity for people of all ages and abilities. SUP is a great way to connect with nature, explore the magical blue water, and improve your core strength and stability. Kids love the challenge and adventure paddle boarding offers. The paddle board gear you will use is top notch and extremely safe. Worst case scenario is you might fall into the pool. Trust me, I have taught 100’s to paddle and people only go in the water if they want to.

Your experience will last a little over an hour. In this time you will safely learn how to enter and exit your board, proper paddle technique, your safety position, how to turn, how to stop, how to control your board, how to stand up, how to return to your safety position, and a decent comfort level on your paddle board. Within a few classes you will be prepared to paddle in the harbor. Just in time for summer.

Come to the community pool in Harbor Springs and let the professionals from Harbor Springs Paddle Board Club take the anxiety out of learning how to stand up paddle board. Have fun, learn to paddle, and then explore the amazing water that surrounds us! Please call if you have any questions. 231.622.9084

Location: We launch from Zoll Park in Harbor Springs. Call Ahead.
Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am - 11pm. SUP Rentals on the water. Sunset & Night Tours.
Contact Us: (231) 622 - 9084
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